People go to Sarasota for its beautiful beaches and its flourishing arts scene. We live in a paradise, but why not also live comfortably? When you need professional home builders Sarasota, Legacy Builders on the Westcoast is here to provide you with assistance.

It is our goal to build your dream home, and include premium features, quality workmanship, ease of mind during the construction process. Most importantly, a home you will enjoy for many generations to come. As our client, we provide you with options to choose from a wide range of custom, premium finishes and colors. We will not limit you to just a few design options. You always get the best when you build with Legacy Builders on the Westcoast!

We strive hard to develop long-lasting relationships with our customers. A lot of our customers have built multiple homes with us throughout our years in the industry. We have also built for several family generations. We treat all our clients like family because, to us, they really are. We are committed to providing total communication, attention to detail, custom design, and quality craftsmanship.


If you are looking for great reasons why you need to hire a professional Sarasota home builder instead of building your dream house on your own, here are the things you need to know:

  • Legacy Builders on the Westcoast builds multiple homes year after year. We purchase materials from suppliers in large quantities and take advantage of discounts. If you buy the equipment, you most likely will pay a full price.

  • Being good at doing home repairs doesn’t make you a perfect home builder. Building an entire house needs expertise, and only those with the right knowledge, training, and skills can help you with that.

  • Legacy Builders on the Westcoast has a streamlined process that guarantees quality outputs without delay.

  • National rules regulate the building and construction industry. Hiring a Sarasota home builder will ensure you’re not breaking any of these regulations by sorting all legal issues.


We Are The Home Builder Sarasota Worthy of Your trust

Just like any other business, Legacy Builders on the Westcoast started small. Year after year, we always provide our team with updated training about the industry. Project after project, we always make sure to leave every client a satisfied expression about our services. Now we have over 75 combined years of experience in building homes, and we are greatly humbled by the lasting relationships we have with our clients.

We believe that every Sarasota client deserves the best home, and we make it our goal to deliver them such experiences. If you are looking for the most trusted Sarasota home builder, you’ve come to the right place. We are deeply honored to make your dream home a reality.


We offer dependable home building services in Sarasota. You can count on us to make your dream house a reality. We integrate our knowledge and understanding of the building process with state-of-the-art technologies for an enhanced outcome.

  • Buildable Lots

  • Legacy Lots

We have featured lots ready to build your custom dream home.

  • On Your Lot

If you already own land, we can also build the custom home of your dreams on it!


We are your trusted custom Sarasota home builders. We are committed to creating a positive and long-lasting relationship with our family of homeowners by living our values:

  • We will operate with integrity, honesty, dependability, and a positive attitude from all employees and trade partners.

  • We will provide a personal concierge involvement from beginning to end.

  • We will deliver a painless design and selection process through our in-house decorating professional.

  • We will leverage our 75 years of experience to provide the best customer experience.

  • We will supply expert project management with grand attention to detail.

  • We will accomplish your project on-time and in-budget.

  • We will provide innovative building software, to give you control and visibility of your project anywhere.

  • We will provide you the ability to “Visualize before you Build” through our website and the use of our Virtual Builder program.

Call us now, and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions or concerns. For Sarasota Home Builders Sarasota you can trust, choose only Legacy Builders on the Westcoast.